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We are a DOT registered repair and inspection facility. We perform the full range of federally mandated inspections for MC306, MC307, MC312, MC330, MC331, MC338, DOT406, DOT407, and DOT412 tanks. These specifications cover refined fuels, propane, chemicals, CO2, and vacuum vessels.

We also hold an "R" Stamp issued by the National Board to perform repairs on the same MC and DOT specification tanks. Since 1991 it has been a federal regulation that all welded repairs made to a MC or DOT specification vessel shell be performed by an organization holding an "R" Stamp. This assures that the repair is performed following an ASME certified welding procedure.

Due to our focus on fuel delivery systems, we stock many OEM parts to keep your equipment running. We have everything from hose reel parts to overfill monitor probes. We can ship parts to your door or we'd be happy to install them for you. Our experienced mechanics can also perform your routine maintenance needs, including brakes, springs, exhaust, and lubrication service.

We perform both Federal and New York State Annual Vehicle Safety Inspections.

Every company's goal is to minimize unit downtime. We can help - put us to work for you.

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